Take Your Top Off

Please don’t! Really! I’m not meaning literally, but figuratively.

Yesterday was the first day the top has been off my Jeep! Here is the thing, I’ve owned the Jeep for just over a year! It’s not that I haven’t wanted to take the top off. So why hadn’t I?  

Have you ever wanted to do something, but just never did? You’d find an excuse of “I’ll do it another day, or I’m not quite ready yet”, or find yourself saying “I don’t know what I’m doing?” Well, those were some of the reasons that I hadn’t taken the top off.  I had heard “It’s kind of cumbersome, and make sure you have lots of help”. I even heard “make sure there is no rain in the 10 day forecast, we had ours off and it wasn’t supposed to rain, but it poured on us!” So every time, I wanted to take the top off, I didn’t have the help or there was rain in the forecast.  So a whole year had passed and the top of the jeep never came off.  

This post isn’t really about my jeep, but rather about each of us and how many of us hold ourselves back from doing things we really want to do because of some perceived notion that something may be difficult, or we may regret it!  This isn’t just in regards to our health either, it may be a project we have at home, working towards a promotion at work, or taking that vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking. But it could also be working to be as healthy as you can be. 

Guess what? Taking the top of the Jeep was easy! We had it done in about 5 minutes! Best of all, we had a blast driving around with the sun shining and the breeze on our faces! If you want to pursue something, reach a goal, get healthier, there is no better time than NOW.  Take the top off and keep smiling!  

Life is too short to not go after the things you want!

Don’t let someone else’s (or your own) experience, opinion, or comments stop you from going after and doing what YOU want! Time is something you can’t get more of, so don’t let it pass you by. 

Go have fun, work hard, and pursue YOUR goals!!!