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At Mission 516, we are passionate about inspiring families to live healthy, joyful lives through chiropractic, yoga, and natural health. We love sharing our passion with those in and around McHenry county and globally through our mission trips bringing chiropractic and yoga to villages in need.  

Chiropractic care is beneficial and effective for all ages and stages of life.  No matter your age or your health, you can experience benefits that help you improve your quality of life.  

We would love the opportunity to show you how chiropractic could benefit you and your family. 


Meet Dr. Ron


Dr. Ron Robinson, DC is a passionate health promoter. He is a chiropractor with that rare quality of both intuitive, listening kinetic treatment skills as well as inspiring bedside manner. As a patient advocate and educator, he is able to translate evidence-based, realistic care goals into absorbing and inspiring information to allow patients to heal themselves with greater self awareness, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Dr. Ron’s personal and clinical experience with growing a family is a valuable and wise resource for an optimal pregnancy, labor and birth. His humor and expertise make him an engaging speaker for patients and practitioners alike. Dr. Ron speaks truth and logic, affirming a family’s autonomy in making informed choices in health care.


Dr. Ron is a prominent pediatric chiropractor and a passionate health promoter. He holds post-doctorate certifications in pediatrics and family wellness, and has invested countless hours into continuing education in the areas of pre-natal care, sensory challenges, neuro-immunology and other wellness topics. Dr. Ron lives with his wife and three children in Crystal Lake, IL – where he practices serving families and patients toward optimal health, coaching expecting mothers through an ideal pregnancy, and ensuring that McHenry County families live thriving lives.


"Dr. Ron is one the most genuine, authentic and reliable people that I know. His work ethic is unmatched as his 'Delivered' program demonstrates with the constant innovation, service and results that he helps provide for his clients. His foundation for living and relentless pursuit of guiding others toward their greatness is like no one I ever met. He is a leader, and I am honored and grateful to have him in my circle of influence."

Dustin B.

“We wish we would have discovered or explored the benefits of Chiropractic care before we had our children, but are so thankful to be aware going forward.”

Mary S.

"We are happy to have you as a Dr. that we can trust and is on the same page as we are and feel confident in placing our children under your care."

Rachelle J.

"Our eyes have been opened to looking at our family’s health and wellness from a new perspective and we are beginning to re-evaluate decisions we make going forward."

Mary S.

"Dr. Ron is very knowledgeable in pregnancy and prenatal chiropractic, I always felt like I was in the best hands possible. If I had any questions he was available to answer them and always gave me explanations and options to help."

Megan H.

I first came to Dr. Ron when I was 35 weeks pregnant because my baby was in the breech position. I had my first adjustment just hours after calling and was treated like I was a part of their family from my first visit. I continued to receive regular adjustments all the way up until I delivered at 40 weeks, to help prepare and prime my body for a natural, unmedicated labor. I couldn't be happier with how my labor and delivery went, and I only regret not starting chiropractic care earlier on in my pregnancy!

Abby K.

"Delivered was so full of information, resources, and networking that I couldn’t write them all down fast enough! More importantly it provided me a sense of empowerment that I had never felt."


Whitney F

“Dr. Ron has continued to help our family in so many ways. He truly cares and works with you on any and every issue that may arise. He checks in on you and makes you feel truly cared about. We can’t thank him enough for helping us live our best lives. And for giving all of us HOPE.”


Dr. Ron has been an integral part of our wellness journey for the past 5 years. We initially began chiropractic care with one child to treat constipation issues and lingering torticollis symptoms that physical therapy couldn’t fix. After seeing how balanced and calm his little body was from receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, we all began being treated for growing pregnancy pains and maintaining the wellness of our entire family. Our second son has been adjusted since he was just 4 days old! Dr. Ron truly cares about his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure we are cared for!

Jessica F.

Dr Ron is simply the best. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for our family if 6 the way he does. He’s caring, genuine, honest and works with great integrity. Highly recommend him to everyone! 

Mandy B


Dr. Ron is legit. He has helped me regain motion, flexibility, and a source of energy that I have been lacking for years. I wish I would have started this journey years ago! He is a good listener and provides patient-centered care all the way!

Stacia R.


Dr. Robinson is unimaginably skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and such an important part of our health as a family. We began our journey with him at a time when we were very skeptical of chiropractic care but he quickly changed our minds and showed us it's major value. We have been with him for more than 5 years and don't see an end in sight. If you've ever needed to see the value of chiropractic care, come see our guy. He does not disappoint!

Vienna G


On Mission

At Mission 516 my wife Dana and I strive to be leaders not only in our home for our kids, but also in our office and community as well as for other parents, doctors, and families. We firmly believe in leading by example, showing that kindness, service, and living a life of purpose can BE and IS fun!  We have been asked to be leaders on many service/mission trips, Kenya and Mexico numerous times to serve and introduce Chiropractic and yoga into those communities. In doing so, we have discovered that not only did those communities become more enriched, but we became more connected and driven to serve in different ways.

Family and connection are two of our Core Values.  Today, with busy schedules and technology we find that so many families are feeling distant and disconnected. That is why we involve our children on these trips. When families are able to step away from their busy lives and disconnect from technology, they find connection in a much different way!  Our trips not only expose families to other cultures, but allow them to connect across the globe. We want to raise our kids with a heart of service, kindness, and BEcome leaders in this world! We want to raise kids that want to BE good in the world!

We would love to have you join us! Connect with us to find out more about upcoming trips and how you and your family can serve along side with us!

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Joyful kids


As a Pregnancy and Prenatal specialist Dr. Ron is a highly sought after speaker and teacher. Dr. Ron has presented his message to Empower and Encourage families close to home and around the world. Additionally, he spends time educating Chiropractors and other health care providers to Enhance care for patients within their individual communities.

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