How do I know if my kids need Chiropractic?

Many of you reading this newsletter sought out chiropractic because you were experiencing some type of problem that was most likely affecting how you felt, whether it was for headaches, sciatica, numbness, or vertigo.  These symptoms most likely impacted your quality of life beyond the actual symptoms and most likely started as subtle signs that your body was in need of an adjustment.  For adults those signs tend to be difficulty recovering from normal workouts, difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed in normal situations, low energy and digestive disturbances to name a few. For us adults we generally have a good idea of how we feel and can communicate when something is off.  However, our kids can’t always express how they feel or show us that they need something. 

We are often asked “How do I know if my kids need chiropractic?” Well, oftentimes it’s hard to know, but there are subtle signs that kids express that are really a way for them to express to us they have a need.  

So what are those subtle signs in our kids that we look for to know that an adjustment is in order? To simplify things we will break them down into age groups below:

Age GroupPhysical signsEmotional signsFunctional symptoms
0-24 monthshead tilt, arching back, knees tucked up to tummy, favors nursing on one side, avoids tummy time, teething, plagiocephaly (needs helmet), crawls on one legnever settled, colic (inconsolable crying), sleep disturbancesGassy, constipated, reflux, congested, ear infections, 
2-4 yearstoe walking, postural changes (forward head posture or one shoulder higher, one leg longer), growing pains overly tired, difficulty with transitions, sensory seeking (rough play or running into things), head banging, can never get enough stimulation, ear infections, chronic sore throats, consistent tummy aches, asthma
4-8 yearsGrowing pains, motor tics, everything from above plus: suggestion of ADHD, bed wetting, asthma, constipation, 
8+ yearsanything from above, plus Headaches, scoliosis, poor posture, everything from above  plus anxiety, depression, everything from above 

The chart above is a reference chart and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide suggesting that children only need an adjustment if these signs and symptoms are present. If you have any questions about kids and chiropractic please ask.  Also, if your kids aren’t already receiving care in the office, ask us about our family discounts. 

If your kids have any of these subtle signs, they could benefit from chiropractic care. We would love the opportunity to help them thrive and live life to the fullest! Send us a message at for more information on how we can help.